How can our professional explainer videos help you?

Example of a video explaining company values.

This well-respected financial services company already had extensive branding in place when we were approached to tell the story behind this growing family business.

So we decided to do something a bit different. Rather than produce a standalone explainer video using our own graphics, we opted to work alongside the agency responsible for the existing branding in order to enhance that brand.

Then, to add a human touch to the animation, given the subject matter, we utilised green screen video techniques to place the founder's daughter, now the Managing Director, in amongst the 'fairy tale' brand graphics.


From a single animated explainer video for your website ...


right through to the translation of an entire training course into a hundred engaging bite-sized animations ...


we happily work alongside creative agencies and training organisations to inform and teach the target audience. 

Example of a company 'what we do video'.

Following on from the theme used in the company values video above, we stuck with the brand graphics and colours to produce this explanation of why most of us would benefit from a financial advisor.

We moved the brand graphics around in a manner inspired by Indian puppet theatre to tell a story of a financial guide helping an everyman on life's journey.

We find metaphor a powerful means by which to simplify concepts. 

Another example of a 'what we do' video.

This time we used a stop-frame technique to build up a sequence of cartoon drawings to provide a visual metaphor to support the carefully scripted voice-over. 

Originally the company requested a 'whiteboard animation', which is a technique involving speeded-up video of an artist drawing a picture. But after some experimentation, we all decided we preferred a photographic stop-frame method, which allowed us to produce a cleaner image without the quickly moving artist's hand distracting the viewer from the message.

Example of an animation translating part of an existing 'chalk and talk' youth development session on self-awareness.

Entire training programmes can be translated in this way, adopting whatever house style is deemed appropriate for the intended audience.

Here the client opted for a 'pythonesque' style which included cutouts of people who represented the intended audience.

The less than perfect quirky house style was intentional to increase engagement of the audience, as it was concluded the original smooth, brightly coloured cartoons were mere wallpaper to the young people used to watching cartoons.

This training video about managing stress was commissioned as part of a wider CPD programme on wellbeing in schools.

This animation, one of several related videos on the topic, is based upon the transactional model of stress and coping by Lazarus & Cohen. Teachers found the bite-sized videos as useful for managing their own stress levels, as they did for informing practice when working with children in school.

Here a line drawn stop-frame animation technique was used to introduce a concept that would later be used elsewhere in the course.