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Intrigued organization?

Are you a private, public or third sector organization on the lookout for accessible, engaging and effective learning material? Are you a learning or training institution looking for an innovative approach to deliver courses? Or are you simply after an explainer video to put on your website so your customers can learn what you do?

Contact our Sales team by phone or by email to explore ways we may be able to help:

hello@explainerhq.com (or switchboard)

An expert on a mission?

If you are a recognized expert in your field and have ideas or material for innovative learning content then please send in your proposal to our Chief Explanation Officer by email or in writing to the address at the foot of this page.

ideas@explainerhq.com (or in writing)


Looking for a job?

If you like the sound of working for us as a freelancer please get in touch by email in the first instance. We are always on the lookout for excellent graphic designers, videographers, photographers, actors, voice-over artists, cartoonists, animators, instructional designers, learning professionals and trainers. Be forewarned, you will need to be bursting with creative ideas and willing to work very hard at your craft.

jobs@explainerhq.com (email in first instance please)

Not sure who to talk to?

If you just do not know who to talk to about something, then please contact Reception by phone or by email and they will point you in the right direction:

hello@explainerhq.com (or switchboard)




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