Could you be using clearer language? We bet you could!

We dedicate a great deal of effort to validating, distilling and translating material before we even consider producing our explainer videos and books.
— Paul Johnson, Founder

Out of this dedication for quality content arose the Clear Words Work project, inspired by Ali Turnbull one of our copy editors. We decided to share what we have learned about using clear language to help others communicate more effectively.

The Clear Words Work characters

Clear Words Work utilises three main characters: Hector the bureaucrat who confuses more than he explains, Ali who is focused on answering questions, and poor Dan who has the questions in the first place. Thank goodness for Ali!

This prototype video animation introduces the characters who will be appearing in the online Clear Words Work training programme.

Clear Words Work is useful for anyone who has a duty to explain important stuff to others
— Ali Turnbull, Author of Clear Words Work
  • civil servant to citizen
  • professional to client
  • doctor to patient
  • teacher to learner
  • social worker to family


Clear Words Work is a commercial product that can be customised and branded for any public, private or third sector organisation.