We also explain tricky stuff in highly visual books!

Field handbook for professional photographers

Animations are a fantastic way of learning concepts. But there are times when a traditional printed book is more accessible. It could be a photographer needing a handbook in the field. It could be a teacher or parent preferring to huddle over an inviting picture book with a child to explain a difficult topic. It might even be a corporate training organisation wanting a printed summary of an animated training course that we produced for them.

Children's picture book dealing with dyspraxia

For us, content comes first. How we deliver that content to make it accessible comes second.
— Paul Johnson, Founder

As a publisher, Explainer HQ operates a number of publishing imprints. Each imprint represents a distinct market and audience, hence the need for different branding.

In this digital age, the only real difference between producing explainer videos and publishing printed books is process, the skill set is largely the same. This is why many of our people work across both areas of the business.

Your Stories Matter

Publishing stories about what it is like to live with a diversity or health issue, from the perspective of people actually living with them. We cover books for children and adults with specific learning difficulties, neurodiversity, physical and mental health issues through to gender and cultural diversity, It is fair to say this project is the heart of Explainer HQ.

Funky Gerbil Press

Entertaining, fun and above all engaging media for schools and beyond.
Undergoing redevelopment.


Hot Lime Press

Explaining practical heritage building crafts in the form of workshops for builders and dedicated homeowners.
To be launched.

Happy Bokeh Press

Explaining practical techniques for photography enthusiasts and professionals in the form of 'first we show you how, then you try it yourself' workshops.